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Doctors use Sculptra 2 vials to correct the signs of facial fat loss or lipoatrophy. It is an injection that shows the results immediately while the optimal effect is achieved after 3-6 treatments. It also restores the natural functions of the body because of collagen. What is collagen? It is a type of fat that can be lost over time resulting in saggy skin lacking firmness. So Sculptra creates the opposite effect and reverses loss by restoring it.

Sculptra effectively improves the appearance of indented chin surface, cheeks, skin folds and improves the dull appearance in the area around the eyes. As Sculptra contains a synthetic Poly-L-lactic acid which is naturally produced in our bodies while we exercise work on the muscles toning, it is fully biocompatible and dissolved by the body. This makes Sculptra ideal for those who are prone to allergic reactions as this product comes with minimal risk of causing any. The procedures with Sculptra last around 30 minutes and are usually pain-free, but a local anesthetic can be applied to the area for maximum comfort. 

  • Format: 2 Vials
  • Size: 2ml