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Doctors use Radiesse 1.5ml Lidocaine for facial correction. Usually to reduce smiles wrinkles at the corner of the lips, eliminate wrinkles above the upper of the lips. Also to minimis the fold between the mouth and nose area. To treat scars resulting from skin problems. Seldom to adjust the contours of the lower jaw and correcting nose bumps or chin dens.
The added affect of Lidocaine during treatment, means there is much less discomfort experienced by the patient. Ingredients of Radiesse:
-Calcium hydroxylapatite
-Sodium caboxymethylcellulose
Duration of the Radiesse:
The advantage of this product upon other fillers is the longer effect. It can take up to 18 months for Radiesse to be completely absorbed into the skin tissue.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1.5ml