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If you are looking for immediate correction of moderate and severe wrinkles, then Radiesse dermal filler is the thing you need. Thanks to its carefully picked ingredients, it boosts the production of natural collagen in the skin, as well as immediate reshaping and lifting effect. For most patients results last a year or even longer. Radiesse 1.5 ML can be used for correct marionette lines, corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles. Also, this product can increase the symmetry and prominence of the jaw and cheeks when applied to their contours. It reduces bumps and irregularities of the nose and restores the volume of the sunken cheeks. 

After the application of Radiesse 1,5 ML the swelling and redness can occur. This can last for a couple of hours, or for a day or two, everything depends on the skin condition of the patient and the treated area. 

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1.5ml