Pre Peel 100 ml


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Fillmed (Filorga) Pre Peel by FILORGA is used to balance the skin pH before peeling.

Fillmed (Filorga) Pre Peel is suitable for anyone undergoing a chemical peel, whether it is a peel that targets fine lines, acne, or excess skin pigmentation. This pre-peeling solution acts like an effective skin cleanser that removes the oil, makeup, and other impurities from the given area, and reduces the skin’s pH level to 4 preparing it for the peeling treatment. Even though it successfully purifies the skin, the Pre Peel formulation contains PHA (polyhydroxy acid) which adds moisture to the skin leaving it well-hydrated. This is how the peel can penetrate the skin better without damaging its cells and causing excessive dehydration. Like Filorga’s Post Peel, the Pre Peel solution works perfectly in the combination with any Peel from their line. Pre PEEl is intended to use by healthcare professionals exclusively. 

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  • Size: 100ml