Post Peel 100 ml


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Fillmed (Filorga) POST PEEL 100ml is used for normalization of pH skin after peeling.

Use the Fillmed (Filorga) POST PEEL after completing a chemical peel treatment, to stop the action of the chemical peel. You may have to repeat the chemical peel treatments every couple of weeks at first to get the desired results, and you should use Fillmed (Filorga) POST PEEL after each one and get the immediate results that are clearly visible and felt. Thanks to the combination of the ingredients with alkaline and mighty hydrating qualities where the main one is sodium bicarbonate with a pH of about 8, the skin is revitalized, and the risk of excessive irritation and redness is significantly reduced. The treated region is soothed leaving the patient to deal with minimal after-treatment discomfort. It is still advisable to avoid sun exposure even when applying the Post Peel. Just like the Pre Peel solution, Post Peel works best when combined with high-quality medical-grade Filorga peel solutions. Keep in mind that the product is intended for use by healthcare professionals only. 

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  • Size: 100ml