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Doctors use Belotero Soft Lidocaine 1ml for superficial wrinkles and can be used for perioral wrinkles. Also lip commissures, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles. Manufacturer use technique implementing Cohesive Polydensidied Matrix technology in Belotero products. So it allows to be so compatible with the human body. Added lidocaine acts as a local anaesthetic. With a 30g needle it is injected into the upper dermis. The result seen up to 18 months which is significantly long.
As well as other medicine, Belotero has some side effects. It can be redness and swelling. Also itchiness and tenderness at the site of injection. After few days or a week, they usually disappear. One more important thing you must know is to avoid any make up for 12 hours after treatment.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1ml