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Belotero Intense comes with a greater HA concentration (25,5mg/ml) than similar products of this sort which makes it one of the most durable and consistent dermal fillers in the market. Doctors use Belotero Intense Lidocaine 1ml for deeper lines and wrinkles also as it is easily injected into the deep dermis with a 27G needle. Thanks to the special CPM (Cohesive Polidensified Matrix) technology which ensures excellent tissue integration, the anticipated irregularities on the skin that might appear after the treatment will be excluded giving the treated area a natural look. Therefore, Belotero Intense successfully reduces or eliminates moderate to severe wrinkles and folds including the crow’s feet and deeper oral commissures.

Added Lidocaine makes the gel application virtually pain-free for patients, where the anesthetic effects are quick. Thanks to that, the procedure is very comfortable. The result has seen up to 18 months which is significantly longer than with the other similar dermal fillers. Like with other medicines, Belotero Intense treatments have some side effects like redness and swelling alongside common itchiness and tenderness at the site of injection. After a few days, they usually disappear giving the patient a clearer picture of the outcome. One more important thing you must know is to avoid any make-up for 12 hours after treatment. 

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1ml