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Belotero Balance 1ml is primarily used for volume enhancement treatments and deep furrows reduction. As it comes with extra-cohesive and elastic properties and powerful yet non-invasive formula, it is widely used for lip augmentation, facial outlines, nasolabial furrows, glabellar lines, and the correction of facial depressions.

Thanks to the exceptional HA formulation and Polydensidied Matrix technology, the substance blends with skin tissues seamlessly and with minimal disruption. This is how the natural look is ensured for the patient when using Belotero Balance filler. HA is compatible with the human body and is naturally absorbed by it over time. 

It can be purchased with local anesthetic Lidocaine to make the injection less painful. As well as other dermal fillers, Belotero Balance treatment comes with typical side effects like redness and swelling. Also itchiness and tenderness at the site of injection. After a few days or a week, they usually disappear. One more important thing you must know is to avoid any makeup for 12 hours after treatment. Belotero Balance fillers can last from 9-12 months depending on the patient’s skin condition and other determining factors.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1ml