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The NanoSoft™ are made by the Fillmed laboratory (formerly known as Filorga) and represent an innovative anti-aging solution that offers maximum results with minimum discomfort during and after the treatment. 

The NanoSoft™ is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0,6mm. It is single-use and can be adapted to all syringes. It allows practitioners to perform “standard” and accurate injections into the dermis. The NanoSoft™ is three times smaller than a regular injection needle and it is a real revolutionary product that promises an easy and convenient procedure for both the patient and the doctor.

It improves patient comfort, minimizes the risk of bruising, and makes the rest of the aesthetic protocol easier: small papules immediately form and quickly spread the product around the dermis. These papules do not last longer than 24 hours. Thanks to the standardized needle, NanoSoft™ is the ideal solution for not only the neck, decolletage, and facial treatments for the crow’s feet and perioral area, but also the delicate area around the eyes.

Treating the eyelids is always a challenge but with NanoSoft™, the experience is radically improved for both the patient and the doctor. The procedure has to be effective but not too aggressive because it can be painful for the patients, but good results are easily achieved as the microneedle targets the dermis accurately which guarantees desired outcome every time. This is how the production of elastin and collagen is ensured as well. 

The NanoSoft™ needles must be used by a trained professional who can inject the filler properly and ensure the patient a safe and effective treatment. All Filorga fillers can be injected with these microneedles and when they are combined, a patient's satisfaction and rejuvenating effect are guaranteed. 

  • Format: Needles Device
  • Size: 30