Juvederm Voluma w. Lidocaine


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Juvederm Voluma is an injectable dermal filler designed to correct facial contours as well as the shape of cheeks and cheekbones. The rejuvenation effect is reached by adding the missing volume.
Leading dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend using Juvederm Voluma with Lidocaine for patients who have become thin after rapid weight loss or facial fat loss. The remedy causes deep and instant rejuvenating effect making cheeks and cheekbones look younger and healthier.
The main active substance here is Hyaluronic Acid – the element that exists in the human body and influences the natural collagen production and skin elasticity. By filling the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, doctors eliminate little and deep wrinkles, moisturize the skin, activate metabolic processes in tissues.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1X1ml