Juvederm Ultra 4


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Juvederm Ultra 4 is the innovative remedy manufactured by Allergan – the worldwide pharmaceutical company providing quality medication for medical institutions from around the world. Experiences dermatologists and leading cosmetologists successfully administer the remedy for deep folds and wrinkles correction, cheek and chin volume enhancement. After using Juvederm Ultra 4, the skin looks younger and healthier. We’re dedicated wholesale suppliers always ready to meet customers’ needs and offer comfortable and reasonable prices for top medical products.

Juvederm Ultra 4 is one of the well-known products in the Juvederm family. It is a very clean, pyrogen-free, Hyaluronic Acid-based gel of non-animal origin. It is fully biocompatible and provides an instant and natural result. It may be used not only for wrinkles elimination and enriching the skin with the necessary water but also for lips correction and augmentation. The innovative formula allows the substance to penetrate the deepest skin layers adding the lacking volume and deeply hydrating skin tissues. With the help of the remedy, great results may be achieved: from tiny imperfections correction up to more considerable changes like cheekbones enhancement.

Juvederm Ultra 4 contains lidocaine, which will ensure comfortable and pain-free treatment. It will treat skin depression and increase volume at the same time. It is injected into the deep dermis and, even though you will see results immediately after the procedure, it will take several weeks for the product to fully settle into the skin. Slight redness, bruising, swelling, and inflammation, are normal side-effects after the treatment, but luckily they don’t last long. It is recommended that the patients don’t wear makeup during the first 12 hours after the treatment. Before the application, the doctor should check about the patients’ specific health conditions to check whether this product is suitable for them or not. 

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 2X1ml