Juvederm Hydrate


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Juvederm Hydrateby Allergan contains biocompatible hyaluronic acid and antioxidants (Mannitol). Also, whilst stopping any gel degradation from occurring and the risk of post-injection inflammation.

Juvederm Hydrate can make the skin on the neck, face, and hands appear smoother, less wrinkled, and more hydrated with increased plumpness. So, moisturization is long-lasting and gives a youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found inside the human body. So, its key properties are to keep the skin hydrated whilst adding plumpness. HA naturally breaks down in the body during metabolism and is then replaced. However, as we get older and our metabolism slows down, replacement of HA is less often which results in less hydrated skin and less volume in the skin.

That is why this product is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to rejuvenate the skin and make it overall healthier. It acts as a hydrating agent that attracts moisture and keeps it within the skin. It will provide you with a glow, and the effect is visible between 4 and 6 months. You can experience some common side effects such as redness, swelling, or itching, but they will usually disappear after a day or two. This product is suitable for different areas of the face as well as for the neck and décolletage, and hands. Your skin will be soft and fresh again with the help of Juvederm Hydrate.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1ml