Filorga XHA volume


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Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume by Fillmed (Filorga) is a highly effective dermal filler for treating fine lines and wrinkles.
Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume contains hyaluronic acid which is a natural part of tissue repair in the body, making it ideal for providing a natural approach to anti-aging with long-lasting results.
Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA Volume:

  • Improve natural curve in lips
  • Improve the volume of cheekbones without any surgery
  • Restore volume in the chin and temples too.

This product is a perfect choice for filling in lines and skin depressions. It is injected into the medium and deep dermis, and quickly you will notice amazing results that can last from 9 to 12 months, depending on the condition of your skin. It is recommended that the procedure be performed by a certified professional trained to work with this type of cosmetic product. The loss of tissue is the main aspect of the natural aging process, and by injecting Filorga XHA Volume the overlying skin will be able to plump, volume, and moisturize. This is a safe and very effective treatment. 

  • Format: KIT
  • Size: 1ml