Filorga XHA 3 Polivalente


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Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA 3 by Filorga is pure hyaluronic acid that gives quick and effective results to improve your skin's natural brightness and hydration levels.
Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA has many uses including filling wrinkles and redefining cheekbone structure, whilst also correcting lip shape and volume.

It is designed to add plumpness, fill in medium and deep wrinkles, and redesign the contours of the face. The main benefit of this product is that the results look natural. Filorga XHA 3 Polivalente can be used for the following areas: lips, expression lines, an oval face, cheekbones, peri-oral wrinkles, and lacrimal grooves. The effect usually lasts between 9 to 12 months, depending on the condition of the skin of the patient.

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  • Size: 1ml