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Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135HA and Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135 are both mesotherapy injectables made with hyaluronic acid. However, Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135 has a concentration of 0.025 mg/ml while Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135HA has a concentration of 5.0 mg/ml for more intense mesotherapy. Which product you choose for your mesotherapy procedure depends on which one is more appropriate for your particular patient and their skin condition.

This product is made with hyaluronic acid, which helps to add some volume beneath the skin, smoothing out fine lines and a rough texture. Mainly, the hyaluronic acid in Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF helps to hydrate the skin, giving it a youthful glow, as well as encouraging the production of collagen. However, unlike other similar injectables, Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF contains fifty-three extra ingredients to nourish your patient’s aging and photodamaged skin. This includes fourteen vitamins, including A, B, C and E, which stimulate vital cell functions, as well as four minerals to prevent and correct skin deficiencies.

The procedure includes three phases. During the first one, the patient receives 4 sets of injections 15 days apart. After that, the patient will get 2 treatments within a month, and the final phase is done every 2 to 6 months so that a patient can maintain the perfect results. Filorga NCTF 135-HA can be used to treat dark circles under the eyes, to reduce nasolabial folds and marionette lines. This unique revitalizing complex is perfect for the following areas: face, décolleté, neck, inside of the arms, back of the hands, abdomen, inside of the legs. 

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