Belotero Intense Gel 1ML


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Designed and created by world-renowned “Merz Pharma”, Belotero Intense Gel is one of the most preferred HA-based fillers by both doctors and patients. Belotero Intense 1ml by Merz is being used for volume enhancement, deep and nasolabial furrows treatment, facial outlines, lip augmentation, and correction of facial depressions. It efficiently changes the contours of the face thanks to its lifting effect. Cohesive Polydensidied Matrix technology is used by the manufacturer in Belotero Intense which allows it to be compatible with the human body, and to keep the filler’s content in the injected area exclusively. This means that Belotero Intense Gel can’t “move” through the tissue which excludes the formation of granulomas. Redness and swelling also itchiness and tenderness are the possible side or after-effects of using Belotero Intense. These reactions are perfectly normal and most of the products of this type cause it. These reactions disappear after a few days or a week. The patient should avoid putting on any makeup the next 12 hours after treatment. The filler can last up to 12 months. 

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1ml