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Bocouture 50UI is a botulinum type A product. Doctors use this product to relax the muscles. By blocking the nerve impulses in injected areas, Bocouture prevents muscles from contracting, leading to temporary and reversible relaxation. Also, it is used in patients under 65 years old for improvement of upper facial lines. The effects of this product designed by Merz Pharm can last up to 4 months. It can be used to improve the appearance of vertical lines between the eyebrows and lateral periorbital lines known as crow’s feet lines. 

Bocouture 50UI is prohibited for patients with allergic reactions to ingredients of neurotoxin type A. If the patient has an infection in injected area or suffers from a generalized disorder of muscle activity. Sometimes botulinum toxin can spread away from the injected area and cause symptoms like trouble, saying words clearly, swallowing, or breathing. Sometimes, it provokes double vision, loss of bladder control, loss of strength, muscle weakness, hoarseness, change, or loss of voice. If this happens to you, please refrain from dangerous activities. The treatment can be performed by certified physicians only. 

Before the treatment, the doctor should inform patients about all of the above-mentioned side effects, as well as ask them about their health condition, allergies, or specific disease history. This is the only way to prevent unwanted reactions and ensure that the Bocouture 50UI will provide desired results. 

  • Format: Vial
  • Size: 1ml