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Doctors use Belotero Volume lidocaine 1ml to smooth out deep wrinkles. Also to fill areas that need the volume the most like cheekbones and temples. The manufacturer uses the technique of implementing Cohesive Polydensidied Matrix technology in Belotero products. So it allows being so compatible with the human body. Since Lidocaine is added to the formulation, the treatment with Belotero Volume comes with less pain and discomfort. That makes it suitable even for patients who have low pain tolerance. It is super-efficient in facial depressions, severe wrinkles, and deep oral commissures treatment. 

The above-mentioned Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology used to manufacture the filler makes it malleable and its modelling and distribution on the given area easy and predictable. Belotero Volume dermal filler can last from 9 to 12 months, and thanks to the high concentration of HA, the desired volumizing effect will be reduced slowly and gradually.  

Format: Syringe

  • Size: 2 X 1ml