Art Filler Universal


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Dense pyrogen-free homogeneous transparent dynamic gel-filler is part of the line of the French manufacturer Filorga Art Filler. When producing the gel, the latest TRI-HYAL technology was used, which provides a soft and elastic gel texture, and also guarantees the maximum prolonged effect. Art Filler Universal helps to eliminate medium and deep wrinkles, corrects the oval of the face, and is also used to increase the volume of the lips and improve the shape of contours.

It is a sterile, resorbable, clear, and colourless medical device that has 3 different types of HA, which makes it stand out from other similar products. It is a perfect choice for filling medium to deep skin depressions, such as wrinkles, lines, and traces. Each ingredient of Art Filler Universal is of the best quality, and most importantly, there are no ingredients that can cause allergies. Depending on the treated area, the product is injected into the middle or deep skin layer. Lidocaine is also present, securing a comfortable and painless procedure that should be performed by physicians. 

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 2X1.2ml