Art Filler Soft Lips


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Fillmed ART FILLER SOFT LIPS is a mono-phasic gel that was created to correct the shape and increase the volume of the lips, as well as to eliminate various skin defects such as scars, wrinkles, acne and much more. This preparation is successfully used to correct deficiencies for any skin type. The dynamic filler includes lidocaine, which will help to conduct the procedure at the most comfortable level and almost without any pain for the patient. Effects of Fillmed ) ART FILLER LIPS are aimed at obtaining an ideally stable effect when adding lip volume, an expressive smooth contour and moisturising the surface of the lips.

It has an optimized texture created to be used for pink lips for subtle and natural enhancement. The texture is very smooth and soft and that is why this Fillmed’s filler is perfect for superficial wrinkles, but it can also be used for contouring the lips' borders. It is a sterile, pyrogen-free product, made out of non-animal hyaluronic acid. Thanks to cross-linked chains of HA, this aesthetic product can last longer than other lip fillers. Of course, the longevity of results depends on the patient skin condition. During this time, the product will be absorbed naturally, and after that, a maintenance session is recommended.

  • Format: Syringe
  • Size: 1X1ml