Why You Should Choose Hyaluronic and Dermal Fillers with Lidocaine

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For so many years people have been using different techniques and products to change the appearance of some part of their face. But, surely the best, and most importantly, the safest option is fillers. Getting fillers is pretty fast, almost completely pain-free, and with so many products on the market, it is very easy to find the one that is ideal for you.

Fillers provide an instantly visible change that you can get thanks to a non-invasive procedure. Of course, it is crucial to find a certified professional to help you look and feel better.

Hyaluronic and dermal fillers will keep your skin plump and hydrated, especially if they have a top-secret ingredient-lidocaine. These soft fillers with gel structure can last for months and, thanks to lidocaine, you won't feel any discomfort during the treatment.

In case you are among so many people who want to get fillers, and you are wondering what they exactly are, and whether you should choose hyaluronic and dermal filler with lidocaine, stay with us. Here is everything you need to know about this magical invention, and we will even recommend a few products we think are for sure worth your attention.

What Are Hyaluronic and Dermal Fillers, and Should I Use Them?


Before you decide to buy a lidocaine-filled product and use it, you have to know whether it is actually good for you. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the most used injectable fillers made to augment facial volume, and what attracts people the most is the fact you achieve that without painful surgery. These fillers are very effective, very fast, and once getting any type of face fillers, patients don’t have to go through a long recovery.

Aging is something that we cannot avoid, and our body, especially our face, can show that time is passing. But, it comes as no surprise that many people want to change that, and fight the natural aging process. As years are passing by, our collagen production decreases, our skin loses elastin, and all of that leads to changes in our faces. So, if you want to defeat wrinkles, restore your youthful shape and fullness, don’t hesitate and use dermal fillers.

Because HA is found naturally in our body, the possibility of getting an allergic reaction is almost impossible. These fillers are gel-based products injected into certain parts of your face by licensed doctors. Once injected into the skin, HA will attract water, which will make your skin more hydrated and healthier at the same time. It has got high viscoelastic properties and can bind proteins.

Overall, HA dermal fillers can be used to smooth wrinkles, deeper folds, and undesired lines, but of course, HA fillers are also there to restore your face volume. You can use them in various parts of your face, such as cheeks, lips, nose, or chin. Results you can get with the help of HA fillers can last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the fillers and your face skin, of course.


What is The Secret Behind Lidocaine?


It is proven that fillers that contain lidocaine significantly decrease pain during the treatment, which at the same time increase patient satisfaction. If the procedure is considered pain-free, more people will decide to go through it and receive the wanted results.

Of course, just like any other fillers, the effects of dermal fillers with lidocaine are temporary, and it is necessary to repeat the treatment after a certain amount of time to refresh your look. Many studies have shown that thanks to the fillers with lidocaine, you will have less erythema, swelling, and bruising. The usual amount of lidocaine that fillers contain is 0.3% which will for sure take the pain away. That is why many patients are choosing to buy lidocaine products for their future filler treatments.


Amazing Hyaluronic and Dermal Fillers with Lidocaine


We are here to help you completely, so we will recommend a few fillers that you should take into consideration. No matter which one you decide to use you won't regret, because they are all approved by the FDA and their quality is undeniable.

The first one on our list is Belotero, and if you want to treat deeper lines and wrinkles, then you can opt for Belotero Intense+Lidocaine, and enjoy the results for up to 18 months. There is also Belotero Soft+Lidocaine that is made to correct all those superficial and perioral wrinkles. Lastly, there is Belotero Balance+Lidocaine that can help you fight deep furrows or get a lip augmentation. So, if you think that any of these fillers is your cup of tea, buy Belotero online and see why it is a choice for so many people.

Let us move on to another great option, Radiesse, and its lidocaine option. It is another filler you can use for facial correction. So if you want to reduce smile wrinkles at the corner of the lips, or to eliminate wrinkles that can be seen above your upper lip, this filler is just what you need. Thanks to lidocaine, you will experience less discomfort during treatment, so hurry up and buy Radiesse online, and start your lip fillers journey.

In the end, we have to mention Restylane, probably one of the world's most famous fillers. There are a lot of Restylane products you can choose from, such as Restylane Lyft with lidocaine, Restylane Lips with lidocaine, Restylane Vital Light with lidocaine, and Restylane SB Vital with lidocaine.

So, no matter what your goals are, and what part of your face you want to treat, there are fillers for everyone. Hyaluronic and dermal fillers with lidocaine will help you improve your look and once you are done with treatment, you will feel great.



The face fillers market is huge, and it is changing daily, so it is key to create a new product that will improve the patient experience. Adding lidocaine has for sure done that, so if you are considering buying fillers, make sure to buy lidocaine-based products. Trust us, you won't regret it!

So, whenever you decide to make your purchase, we at Pexup Pharm are waiting for you. We have a huge selection of fillers, so no matter what your likings are, you will find the one that is right for you. In case you need more information about any of our products, feel free to contact us and find out everything you want. We will help you choose the best product and receive it as soon as possible.