What is Restylane Fynesse Used For?

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Even though aging is a natural process which we all inevitably go through, it doesn’t mean that we have to be bothered by the visible marks it leaves on our faces and body. Sometimes, even a slight improvement goes a long way, and one of the most effective solutions to achieve that is certainly a dermal filler. 

Numerous products promise rapid and satisfactory results nowadays, yet the best way to be sure that you’ve picked wisely is to get to know the product of your interest before you schedule a treatment. 

Since Restylane fillers have been dominating the market for over a decade, writing about their characteristics never gets old as there is always something new to discover and share with you. 

However, they have multiple editions where each is specifically designed to treat and improve different areas of the face. By selecting the one that you can benefit from the most, you’ve ensured yourself a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment which will boost your confidence and make your skin look radiant. As always, we are here to provide you with useful first-hand information on superb aesthetic medicine products, and this time, we will talk about Restylane Fynesse.

What Is Restylane Fynesse?

Like other Restylane dermal fillers, Fynesse contains non-animal hyaluronic acid as the active component with a concentration of 20 mg/ml. It is completely biocompatible and biodegradable which makes it hypoallergenic and safe to use. 

Thanks to the Optimal Balance Technology originally incorporated by Galderma, this soft-gel filler distributes over the tissue easily and integrates with the skin cells immediately. This means that your body recognizes this HA filler as a natural component and diminishes any possibility of allergic reaction or severe side effects. Besides being safe and convenient to use thanks to its properties, Restylane fillers are all FDA-approved.

What Is It Used For?

Since Restylane Fynesse comes with a smaller gel particle than the other Restylane fillers, it is ideal for treating delicate areas around the eyes, mouth, and lips. It smooths up the fine lines on the forehead and upper face and effectively eliminates periorbital lines around the eyes and peri-oral ones around the mouth. 

Thanks to its fine gel-like substance and gentle yet potent formula, it is widely used for lip treatments as well. It can enhance their volume but also re-contour the lips which are thinned due to smoking or aging. 

What Effects Can You Expect from Fynesse?

The first thing you’ll notice immediately after the treatment is that your skin is nourished and well-hydrated. Thanks to the HA which stimulates collagen production, your skin will remain hydrated for months even after the HA gets absorbed by the body. The skin looks much healthier, plumper, and revived. Also, if you are looking for a solution that can give your skin a more illuminated complexion, Fynesse is certainly an adequate option. 

The superficial lines around the mouth, cheeks and eyes become considerably less visible only a few days after the treatment, and the overall volume of the skin gets enhanced giving it that youthful and smooth look. When used for lips, Restylane can effectively redefine their contour and improve the volume thanks to the proper hydration.  

Restylane is famous for ensuring their patients a natural-looking result which is great news for those who worry about the given thing. Fynesse is primarily designed and made to supply your skin with valuable nutrients and restore its natural glow completely naturally. 

What’s The Treatment Like?

Dermal filler’s treatment is usually rapid and relatively pain-free, and the Fynesse promises the same experience. Still, since it is injected into the superficial layer of the skin via a 30G ½ Ultra-Thin Wall needle supplied within the packaging, the procedure is even more comfortable. This is the sole reason why Restylane Fynesse is the only edition from the line that doesn’t come with added Lidocaine. 

After the treatment, avoid sun exposure, strenuous activities, and make-up for at least 2 days. Mild common side-effects like swelling, bruising, or itching could appear after the procedure, and they will normally pass after a day or two. Still, it is noted that most of the patients didn’t have any side effects at all since Fynesse’s formula remains gentle on your skin which excludes any major bad reactions. 

Who Can Use Fynesse? 

Even though the product is safe to use for most, you should advise your doctor in case you have some skin infection, chronic lesions, or are allergic to HA. In case the patient is pregnant, breastfeeding, or has an autoimmune disorder, it is advised to avoid using this dermal filler. Also, if you already injected some dermal filler recently, you should wait for a certain period to use Fynesse.  

In case you don’t fit in any of the given categories and are over 18, your skin will be grateful if you treat it with nourishing Restylane Fynesse. Anyone who wishes to correct moderate facial wrinkles, creases, and lines, and experience an immediate lifting effect can benefit greatly if purchasing this filler. 

For How Long Does the Results Last?

Depending on your skin condition, lifestyle, age, and genetics, the filler can last from 9 to 12 months, and even longer. 

To be sure that the treatment is done properly, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced and licensed practitioner. Still, there are some things that you can do to prolong the effect like limiting the UV exposure and stress level, stopping smoking, and taking good care of your skin. On the other side, the treatment can be repeated after the results begin to fade out as many times as you want. 

We assume that based on the facts that we provided you with, there is a great chance that you would like to give Fynesse a chance. If so, make sure to purchase it from certified stores only, and our Pexup Pharm counts as one and promises great deals and rapid delivery. You can always contact us via the e-mail or contact form in case you have some questions, and we will make sure to respond in the shortest time possible.