What is Juvéderm Ultra 4 Used For?

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Whether you already had some aesthetic procedures or are about to have one, there is a great chance you’ve heard about Juvéderm. Their collection of injectable fillers is widely recognized as a highly effective product that delivers what promises. 

One of the main reasons why Juvéderm is as efficient as it gets is its fundamental ingredient - HA (Hyaluronic acid). This gel-like substance which attracts and retains moisture is already found in our skin, but once there is a decrease of HA due to the natural aging process and other circumstances, the skin becomes wrinkled. At this point, our skin requires extra hydration to regain lost moisture and stimulate natural collagen production, and this is precisely what HA fillers are responsible for. 

Like all other Juvéderm editions, Juvéderm Ultra 4 also contains HA as a primal and most valuable component, but it also comes with an innovative formula where you can treat multiple areas with a single product and reach the deeper layers of the skin. With a myriad of poor and high-quality medical aesthetic products in the market, finding the one that could work for us the best is not an easy task. 

Still, we assure you that you can’t go wrong with Juvéderm as all you need to do is simply pick the right edition. Today, we will provide you with all the crucial information you need about the mighty Juvéderm Ultra 4, and hopefully, help you decide whether you can benefit from using it. 

Which Areas Can You Treat with Juvéderm 4?

Besides smoothing fine lines and eliminating deeper wrinkles, the new Juvéderm 4 proved its potency in adding volume to the lips and cheekbones as well. 

As it is characterized by maximum density and has the most viscosity among the Juvéderm Ultra series, the product easily penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis which makes it useful for both minor and major facial corrections. 

Therefore, anything from filling the forehead and nasolabial folds, to face oval, cheekbones, and chin corrections can be successfully treated with Juvéderm 4. Still, due to its advanced and powerful formula which contains a high concentration of HA (24%), this product is mainly used for correcting deep and severe skin depressions alongside lip and cheekbone augmentation. 

Using this product frown lines and under the eyes, area treatment is not recommended as the skin is particularly thin in the given regions. 

How Does the Product Work?

All the bothersome adjectives that our skin gets over time like saggy, wrinkled, folded, or lined are (unfortunately) a natural occurrence, but this doesn’t mean that we need to lose our confidence and simply go with the flow. As we explained, our body loses collagen and HA as we age, so providing it with some extra supply of it is quite necessary if you wish to improve the skin’s appearance and health. 

When injecting Juvéderm into the skin by a trained health care practitioner, the targeted areas include medium or deep dermis depending on the exact intention. The product comes in the form of prefilled syringes which are thin and short, so any sort of discomfort that you expect to have from a needle injection procedure will probably be excluded. Another fact that supports the claim is that the Juvéderm Ultra series come with lidocaine which is a mild anesthetic added to improve your comfort. 

As soon as the product is injected, the HA begins to fill in the creases transporting the valuable nutrients to the skin making the rejuvenating and volumizing effect instantly visible. The result with the desired skin corrections and changes will be noticeable after 24-48h (depending on the skin’s overall condition and the treated area). 

Since the filler comes with sodium phosphate with pH7.2, the side effects like swelling and bruising are minimized yet completely normal if experienced. What you don’t have to worry about is having an allergic reaction as HA is a 100% sterile and natural component of the human body. 

When Is the Time to Use the Product?

It is difficult to determine the exact age when you can use this highly effective dermal filler as it all depends on your skin qualities, lifestyle, and overall health. Still, due to the given traits, it proved its efficiency for clients aged 40 and older who have deeper wrinkles and seriously reduced skin elasticity. 

When it comes to lips augmentation, anyone over 21 can use this dermal filler and get the result they wish. 

For How Long Will the Effects of Juvéderm Ultra 4 Last?

One of the main benefits of this product is the duration of its effect. Thanks to the connection of molecules of HA supported by the 3D Matrix Technology developed by Allergan, you can expect to have visible results for a whole year. For a non-invasive and natural dermal filler, this is certainly above the average (8-10 months). 

Besides by using the syringe, the distribution of the Juvéderm can be done by slow and gentle palpation or massage. This is how the given substances get accurately localized and evenly spread to the area where the client needs them the most. 

What Is Included in the Product’s Package? 

Besides the 2 syringes with the filler, in the package, you will find a special 27G ½ thin needle needed for the procedure. There are also stickers with the serial numbers which prove the product’s authenticity, and the instructions for use. It is crucial to make an appointment with a licensed cosmetologist to be sure that the procedure is done safely and adequately. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the product if the packaging is damaged or opened, and make sure to store the product in a dry and dark place at temperatures between 2 and 25 ° C.

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