Radiesse 1.5 ML With or Without Lidocaine - Which One to Choose?

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Radiesse dermal filler is a unique non-invasive aesthetic solution which promises an instant and durable result. Besides face contouring, wrinkles and fine lines elimination, this product is responsible for extended collagen and elastin production long after injection. Therefore, Radiesse serves as a real all-in-one anti-aging solution that both nourishes your skin by supplying it with the essential proteins and improves it by removing its imperfections. 

Even though the Radiesse 1.5 ML treatment is usually painless, some patients may feel the discomfort that comes with the needle puncture. In other cases, people might just be scared of the needle which makes them even tenser and their pain tolerance considerably lower. Still, there is a solution for you if you fit in any of the categories and it’s called Radiesse 1.5 ML with Lidocaine

If you are not entirely sure what is Lidocaine and what’s the difference between the Radiesse dermal filler which has it in its formulation and the one that doesn’t, you will be glad to know that these are the information we will share with you in the following text. 

Therefore, we suggest you stay with us and decide for yourself which option is adequate for you. In case you wish to speak to our Pexup Pharm experts directly and get first-hand information immediately, feel free to write us a message or an e-mail, and we will make sure to get back to you in no time. 

What Exactly Is Lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic or numbing medication which is widely used for various purposes. It effectively reduces discomfort and pain caused by the skin irritations, sunburn, cuts, scratches, or burns, but it also serves as the numbing agent for the body or facial parts which will undergo a certain treatment. 

The Advantages of Dermal Fillers Containing Lidocaine over Topical Anaesthetics

When it comes to dermal fillers treatment, the pain remains the most common patient complaint. Some topical and local anesthetics can minimize the discomfort to some level, but never entirely. Even though local anesthesia may control the pain well, its distribution is often uneven which exceeds the chance that the injected area will be left uncovered. 

On the other hand, the fillers which already contain Lidocaine in their formula offer an immediate numbing effect which will eliminate any pain during and after the treatment. Besides that, the procedural time is also reduced since the patient doesn’t need to wait for the local anesthesia to start working. 

Incorporated Lidocaine showed great results in diminishing side effects faster, or even completely eliminating them. Usually bruising and swelling are reduced since Lidocaine acts as an antihistamine as well. 

Is Radiesse with Lidocaine FDA-Approved?

Both Radiesse 1.5 and Radiesse with Lidocaine are the several fillers that got the FDA approval which makes them safe to use, no matter which variant you prefer. 

Radiesse with Lidocaine was firstly introduced in 2007 at the Meeting of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in Chicago, and from then on, several laboratories have done the same thanks to the excellent result. 

Does Lidocaine Affect the Radiesse Formulation in Any Way? 

The answer to the given question is short and clear – no. The structure of the Restylane remains unchanged when mixed with Lidocaine, so you can expect to have the same results with both fillers. 

Now, let us tell you a few words about the unique Radiesse formula which is the prime reason why this filler is gladly used by both patients and doctors. The calcium-based microspheres from the substance effectively correct wrinkles, lines, and folds on both hands and face. Since calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) naturally occurs in our bones and enamel, Radiesse is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fully biocompatible. This active component is responsible for prolonged collagen production stimulation which hydrates the skin and improves its volume and texture. It is twice as efficient as hyaluronic acid, has a thicker consistency, and combines higher elasticity and viscosity when compared to other dermal fillers. 

Since it helps the patient restore the fat loss volume in the facial area, it is widely used with people who have some serious health conditions including HIV infection. 

Is There Any Difference in The Effect and Its Durability?

The effect you’ll get with both types of fillers is exactly the same. After the treatment which lasts around 15 minutes, you’ll notice how the skin looks well-nourished, the lines and wrinkles smoother, and the volume increased. Since the filler is used for nose, cheeks, and jawline recontouring as well, the results on these particular areas will be best visible after a week once the possible side effects like bruising or swelling diminish. 

When it comes to durability, Radiesse is one of the fillers that promise the longest-lasting effect. Depending on your metabolic rate, age, skin condition, and lifestyle, the effect can last up to a year, but it is reported that some patients remained satisfied for even two years. The incorporated Lidocaine doesn’t change the effect duration in any way. 

Who Can’t Use Radiesse with Lidocaine?

Even though Radiesse itself is suitable for most people, even those who have some sort of allergies, the option that comes with Lidocaine shouldn’t be used by those who are allergic to Lidocaine. 

Lidocaine allergy can be a genetic predisposition or its complex chemical composition which doesn’t suit everyone well. In case you are doubting whether you fit the category, we advise you to perform pre-testing and exclude any possibility of a severe reaction. 


Both fillers will ensure a patient a comfortable and pain-free treatment with minimum downtime and side effects. Still, if you wish to eliminate any possibility of discomfort, or are scared of needles and want to get through the treatment as smoothly as possible, you should go with Radiesse with Lidocaine. 

No matter which one you select, you can be sure that you’ve picked a superb-quality product which is safe to use and comes with an amazing effect that will keep your skin radiant and youthful for many months.