Juvéderm Volift - How to Prepare for the Treatment and What to Expect?

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Juvéderm dermal fillers have been ruling the market for some time now, and each new series that they introduce promises subtle yet powerful improvements that our skin can greatly benefit from. On the other hand, they remain non-invasive, mild, and hypoallergenic which makes them adequate for almost everyone who wishes to treat the skin with an effective rejuvenating product. 

Their new Volift series also have HA (Hyaluronic acid) as the base but comes with the advanced Vycross technology which is responsible for ultra-lifting and more durable effect. Thanks to the unique cross-linking of high and low-weight HA in the filler, you’ll be able to see the desired results immediately as the after-treatment swelling will be reduced to the minimum. 

Whether you wish to reduce facial and lip lines, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds or add some volume to the lips or cheeks, Juvéderm Volift dermal filler proved its efficiency in treating all the given areas million times. Even though the procedure is quite simple and painless, there are certain things that each patient should do before coming to the treatment with Juvéderm fillers. In the following text, we will provide information on how to adequately prepare for the upcoming Juvéderm treatment, what the procedure includes and what to expect after. Ready to learn more? Let’s give it a go. 

Preparing for the Treatment

First of all, making an appointment with a professional cosmetologist is highly advisable, or if you ask our Pexup experts, mandatory. You can ask around, listen to other people's experiences and finally, select the practitioner that you can confide in and talk to effortlessly. It is important that you ask all the questions you need an answer to, so make sure to prepare a list of those. 

In case you are using some blood-thinning medications, it is best to put a hold on it for a week prior to the treatment. Avoiding alcohol, Aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin is recommended 5 days before the treatment commences while reducing the intake of fish oil, Vitamin E, Ginseng, or garlic is advised even 7-10 days before. These herbs and meds can increase the bleeding and bruising, so simply limit the portions just in case. 

Now, here comes the delicious part! Drinking Pineapple juice is another effective way to prevent swelling and bruising as it comes with a mix of natural enzymes (Bromelain) which have anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a few glasses of it 3 days before the treatment will do the work. Also, it is noted that Arnica Montana has the same effect and could be easily purchased at any health food store. 

What Does the Treatment Look Like?

So, after you’ve talked with the selected doctor, the next step is cleaning the skin with alcohol or antiseptic to sterilize the given area before the treatment. Then, the filler will be gently injected via the thin needle in single or multiple areas, and the number of the syringes you need depends on the goals and skin condition. 

Finally, the practitioner will softly massage the region with the fingertips to make sure that the substance is distributed evenly across the treated area. However, if there are still some marks and bumps left from the injection, they will go away after a few hours. 

Even though the procedure is generally pain-free, you can always use Juvéderm Volift with Lidocaine which will numb the targeted area and therefore exclude any possibility of discomfort and pain. This is especially advisable if you are about to use the fillers for the lips augmentation as they are (alongside the tear-through) the most sensitive facial part. 

What To Do and Not to Do After the Juvéderm Volift Treatment?

As we mentioned, swelling, bruising, redness and itching after the treatment are normal occurrences that you don’t need to worry about as they will completely disappear no later than after 2 days. Still, avoid touching or rubbing the treated area as long as possible after the procedure as it could potentially prolong the recovery time frame. You can apply ice or cold compresses directly to the skin to reduce the swelling. 

Avoid anything that can dilate the blood vessels and cause excessive bleeding – so, postpone going to the spas and being directly exposed to heat for a couple of days. When it comes to sun exposure, it is also not recommended at least 2 weeks after the treatment as the sunlight can cause discoloration after bruising. 

Drinking alcohol is also not advisable, while all the aforementioned herbs and supplements like garlic, Vitamin E, and others should be excluded from the diet for 2 weeks after the procedure. Finally, do not apply to make up at least 48 hours after the treatment. 

When Is the Right Time to Start Using Juvéderm Fillers?

As Juvéderm fillers are FDA-approved and used globally without any serious complications’ reports, there isn’t an age limit when it comes to its applicability. 

It is adequate for treating mild, moderate, and even severe facial depressions and other signs of aging thanks to its volumizing effect supported by the high concentration of HA (17.5 mg/ml) which is already naturally occurring in our body. This means that you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions, but it is advisable to postpone treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Again, talking to your doctor is crucial. 

Thanks to its potent and advanced formula, this dermal filler promises durability and visible effects for anywhere to 6-12 months. It all depends on the area that has been treated, but it is completely safe to repeat the treatment as soon as you notice the effects of the previous one diminishes. As HA is biodegradable, it will eventually be naturally absorbed by your body. 

If you want to buy safely an original Juvéderm Volift dermal filler that comes with a great price and fast delivery, we at Pexup offer exactly that. Feel free to send us a message via the online form in case you need additional information, and we will make sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible.