How Belotero Revive Improves Skin Hydration?

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Severely dehydrated skin became a prevalent problem in the last decade. We generally don’t drink as much water as before or decide to follow the strict diet regimes which don’t contain enough of it, and the harsher weather conditions certainly don’t help and could leave permanent marks on our skin. Other times, it could be that a person simply had dry skin all their life which means it doesn’t naturally produce enough sebum or oil.  

Whatever the reason for the current or prolonged skin dryness is, the greatest disadvantage of it is the loss of elasticity. The first signs of it include easily visible wrinkles and fine lines, and an overall dull and saggy skin appearance. As we get older, healthy habits like drinking water regularly and having enough sleep are not enough to keep our skin youthful and fresh, so most of us will commit to finding more effective hydrating boosters to make it glow again. 

If you are looking for a product that matches the description and is made by one of the finest skincare manufacturers in the world (Merz Aesthetics), you’ll be glad to find out that we have a perfect recommendation for you. For your convenience, we made sure that you can buy your Belotero Revive online now by taking just a few steps and getting it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. 

Super-Hydration Due to the Powerful Symbiosis of Belotero Revive Ingredients 

Merz is well-familiar for its highly effective and carefully combined formulas, and Belotero Revive is certainly not an exception.

The first and main ingredient is Hyaluronic acid which is a humectant, and its primary role is to attract and retain the moisture in the skin. This substance is found naturally all over our body – eyes, skin, and the synovial fluid of our joints. Hyaluronic acid is acting as a clever nutrient as it modifies the moisture rate products based on the current weather and humidity conditions we are in. 

The second component is glycerol which is a colorless and odorless liquid made from various vegetable oils, and it is widely used for skincare products. It is also a humectant that works like a sponge and brings in the moisture from the air for the top layer of our skin. 

So, by making sure that these two humectants function together in the perfect harmony supported by the patented CPM technology, Belotero Revive will ensure your skin gets as much hydration as needed in the shortest time possible. 

How CPM in Belotero Revive Enhances the H.A and Glycerol Performance?

CMP (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) serves as a Hylaronic acid volumizer that helps reverse the volume loss of our face due to the ageing process. When combined with H.A. and Glycerine, it shows unique viscoelastic properties that allow a soft-tissue augmentation and faster distribution of the material. 

It works especially well for the nasolabial folds when injected into the nearby cheek area, and the results can be visible after a single session. Still, Belotero will not modify your skin’s shape when injected as it gets well distributed all over the desired area thanks to the super-thin and small syringe needle. 

Which Areas Respond the Best to the Belotero Revive Treatment?

Belotero can be injected into almost any facial area, but the most common regions include the forehead and cheeks, where the fine lines and folds are mostly visible due to the excessive water loss. Besides the hydration boost and skin lustre improvement, you will notice that your skin is much smoother and softer on touch. 

Uneven skin pigmentation and texture are quite common and may occur for various reasons like scarring, hormonal changes and the ageing process. Still, whatever the cause is, they are sometimes almost impossible to treat and change for the better. Thanks to its powerful formula, Belotero Revive has shown great effects on this persistent problem as well. 

The incredible amount of skin issues that Belotero can successfully treat is the exact thing that makes it stand out from the competition and be one of the most selected products of this sort in the market. 

Usually, the recommended dosage is 2 to 3 syringes per session depending on the overall skin condition, and the effects of Belotero Revive are visible after even 36 weeks. Considering its non-invasive and relatively painless procedure, this sort of treatment is gladly used by both women and men of all ages. This includes early and preventative aesthetic intervention treatments which significantly slow down the progression of facial changes. 

Selecting the Most Adequate Belotero Product to Target the Precise Problem

Belotero offers a wide range of products that are manufactured to deal with the persistent issue most effectively. In case you have deep furrows and dream of eliminating them without radical procedures, we suggest New Belotero Balance that has proven great efficiency for this particular matter. 

For facial depressions and comfortable lip augmentation without bruising, you can go with the Belotero Volume 2 Syr, and you’ll be impressed with the results. Don’t miss their truly extraordinary Belotero Lips Shape if you wish to add some volume to your lips. 

 If you prefer having a mild anesthetic included in the substance, New Belotero Soft with Lidocaine promises a completely pain-free treatment that will efficiently soften up the perioral and forehead wrinkles, alongside persistent crow's feet for more than 18 months. 

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In case you wish to contact us directly, feel free to write to us at or use a contact form provided on our website. Either way, you can count on a prompt and detailed answer as we are always glad to help you pick the product that you can benefit from the most.