Difference Between Light Peel and Bright Peel by Fillmed

Posted by Dejan Urukalo on

The market is overflowing with numerous products being introduced to us on a daily basis, and chemical peels are no exception. There are so many different peels you can choose from, but before purchasing one it is very important to take your time and find the one that will help you achieve all your goals.

There are various kinds of peels, and not all of them do the same. Not to mention that not all are of the highest quality and sometimes they can do more harm than good. Luckily, we have prepared in-depth reviews of two peels we truly believe can help you look and feel better.

So, today we are going to talk about two stunning products created by Filmed, Light Peel, and Bright Peel. Both are exceptional and depending on your needs, you can select the one that will give you some magical results.


Non-Invasive Treatment for Rejuvenating Skin


Chemical peels are a non-invasive treatment, during which the part of your skin is being peeled and damaged skin cells are being removed. Overall, that can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks. They can be done at different depths, from light to deep, and treat various areas. Using a proper type of peel, you can treat acne, minimize pore, erase wrinkles, pores, and sunspots, but also balance the texture of your skin and smooth it at the same time. So, chemical peels will help you bring youthful skin to the surface again and the new skin will be smoother, more radiant, and hydrated, and your complexion will be brighter.



Light Peel-an Ideal Option for Anyone with Sensitive Skin 


Light Peel by Fillmed has quickly become one of the most loved and top-selling products. And, honestly, we are not surprised by it, because just like all the other items from the Filorga family, this one is carefully created to give the best results possible.

It is created for people with sensitive skin, and Filorga Light Peel is a medical-grade chemical peel whose role is to reduce the look of fine lines that we are noticing more and more as we are getting older. Aging is a natural process, but why not try to reverse it if possible? Thanks to this exceptional product, we can make some slight changes to our skin, and make it a few years younger than it actually is. So, when you start noticing the first signs of aging, don’t worry, because Light Peel has got your back.

This innovation by Fillmed contains a few ingredients that make it better than some similar products available for purchasing. Those are gluconolactone, mandelic acid, tromethamine, and pentylene glycol. This combination will reduce the appearance of fine lines and give healthier look to your dull skin. Also, if you have any blemishes, uneven skin pigmentation, or your goal is to get rid of acne scars, and regulate sebum levels, Light Peel is the solution you have been looking for. It can be applied to your neck, face, and decolletage. Therefore, if some of these areas are problematic, this product can help you.

This, just like every other peel should be performed by a licensed professional, and in order to get the best possible results, it is advised to apply the treatment in 4 sessions, 2 weeks apart. The results will be visible, depending on the condition of your skin, between 1 and 2 months, but after this, you can of course go for maintenance treatment and preserve the perfect effect.

Overall, if you have sensitive skin, and you are on the hunt for a chemical peel, look no further. We are sure that Light Peel is what you have been searching for, so head over to Pexup and buy the one for you.


Bright Peel-an Outstanding Product Designed for Normal Skin 


If, on the other hand, you have normal skin and you think that it is about time to give a chemical peel a go, then Bright Peel is at your disposal. It is perfect for anyone with dark spots and uneven skin tone. Just like the previously mentioned item, this one will as well remove damaged skin cells, and as a result, your skin will look smoother, more radiant, and of course, a lot younger.

This non-intrusive treatment will correct wrinkles and provide you with a fresher look. Thanks to phytic, citric, glycolic, and gluconolactone acid, this peel will rejuvenate your dull skin, and give it an extra glow. It is ideal for people who are noticing early signs of aging and want to treat them as soon as possible. It can be applied to your face, neck, and decolletage providing some superb results.

For the finest effects, you should have 4 sessions with an interval of 14 days in between. The doctor in charge of the procedure will tell you what you have to do before and after, so you can avoid experiencing any side effects. Once the results wear off after a month or two, you can go for a touch-up treatment and maintain the desirable effects.


Fillmed leaves nothing to chance, so they have designed products that should be used before and after the treatment, in order to balance your skin PH and give it much-needed hydration. We are presenting Pre Peel and Post Peel to you. Two products you should definitely check out and combine with Light or Bright Peel. Time Peel is also at your disposal, and it is created to reduce the look of wrinkles while increasing skin’s firmness.

Thanks to all of these products, you can achieve some incredible results, and give your skin a natural makeover. Each of them is available at Pexup Pharm, a store where you can purchase cosmetics of premium quality. Soon after making your order, you will receive the wanted items at your doorstep.

So, as soon as you decide which peel suits you the best, head over to Pexup and buy it. If you have any additional questions, we are here to provide you with all answers. Visit us today because we are looking forward to helping you get the changes you want.