Chemical Peels: What to Expect?

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Our today's topic has two simple words-chemical peels. If that sounds interesting to you, and you would like to find out more about this process, then please be our guest and just keep on reading. We will try to explain in the best possible way what chemical peels actually are and what you can expect if you decide to treat yourself with one.

We know that there are many people out there who would like to try chemical peels, but maybe they are too afraid. That is why we are here, to give you all the information about this procedure and after that, you can decide whether that is something for you.

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, a chemical peel is for sure something you should take into consideration. This technique can be applied to your face, neck, or hands. So, in case you think that some of these body parts require a little change, then chemical peels may just be what you want.

So, without any further ado, let's dive deep, and see why chemical peels are loved by so many people all over the world.


What Is a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses a chemical solution to improve the appearance of certain parts of your skin. There are many different types of chemical peels, so before opting for one, make sure to do your research, and after that, pick the one that suits your needs and your skin the best.

So, how does a chemical peel work, and is it really effective? Basically, the treatment uses acids to exfoliate the skin, which will help you diminish signs of aging from your skin. Thanks to the acid, your damaged skin cells will be removed, and you will be left with smoother skin. Chemical peels can be used to treat wrinkles, scars, or discolored skin. Also, they can be done at various depths, which means that they can affect both the epidermis and the dermis. So, the stronger the peel, the deeper layer of skin it will manage to remove. Therefore, based on your problem, your doctor will recommend one of the three types of chemical peels, light, medium, and deep. It is very important to set your goals in advance, and then, with professional help by your side, try to achieve them all.


What Can Chemical Peel Treat?


We have already mentioned that chemical peels can be used on various parts of your body, and there are different problems they can resolve. This popular cosmetic treatment can be used to treat some types of acne, spots you are getting as you are getting old, discoloration, and also a dull complexion that many people have. But that is not all. A chemical peel can help you with your fine lines, especially those annoying ones under your eyes and around the mouth. In case you want to treat your scarring, redness, rosacea, freckles, melasma, or some part of your skin that is damaged by the sun, the chemical peel has got you covered.

So, as you can see, a chemical peel can be helpful in many different ways. It is just up to you to think about whether this treatment is something you would like to try, and after that, of course, you should find a certified dermatologist who would take you through the procedure.

After the treatment, you should pay attention to a few things in order to recover properly. Firstly, it is highly recommended to recuperate at home and take prescribed medication. Also, you should wash your face, or any other treated area, with a special solution, apply an ointment, and moisturizer. Finally, you should avoid applying makeup for 2 weeks, and stay away from the sun for at least 3 months. So, follow your aftercare instructions carefully, and avoid any permanent side effects.


At-Home Chemical Peels Treatments 


Even though the best and most effective option is to go and see a specialist who would take care of your skin, there are also a few at-home chemical peels options you may try. It is important to know that the products made for at-home use contain less amount of acid, and because of that, they will exfoliate your skin gradually.

Products that contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, or salicylic acid can provide some great results, but they will for sure be less dramatic than those you will get from a peel done by a professional. At-home peels can be an amazing option for people who have minor skin problems, so they can try to solve them by themselves. 

Overall, chemical peels will remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. Of course, the main goal is to improve the appearance of your skin, and that will help you not only look but also feel better. Even though our skin is changing all the time, some of those changes many of us don’t like, and if we can do something in order to reverse that, why not? A chemical peel is an ideal solution for that, so why not try it.

In case you decide that chemical peel is the right treatment for you, we at Pexup Pharm have various products that can help prep for peel, and take care of your skin even after the procedure, which is very important.

There are a few products we would like to recommend to you. First, there is Filorga Pre Peel that will balance your pH before the chemical peel. Also, there is Filorga Post Peel, which will help you normalize the pH of your skin after the treatment. If you want to try an at-home peel, we think that Filorga Bright Peel is a great solution, and it will help you treat skin with dark spots and an uneven skin tone. It will leave your skin smoother, and your complexion more even. Light Peel is ideal for those who want to reduce the look of fine lines and bring back a youthful appearance to their skin. Finally, there is Time Peel, thanks to which you will get rid of wrinkles, and increase the firmness and radiance of your skin.

As you can see, Pexup Pharm has aesthetic products for everyone, so don’t hesitate, and find the product that is best for you. In case you need help with selecting the right peel, go ahead and contact us, and we will gladly assist you.