Characteristics of BOCOUTURE 50 UI

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Regardless of the fact whether you are into aesthetic medicine products or not, there is a great chance you’ve heard about Botox or Botulinum Toxin. Introduced back in the 1990s, Botox became instantly popular thanks to its properties and effect which helped a lot of people get rid of persistent conditions including migraines, cervical dystonia, spasms, but also severe facial wrinkles and lines. 

In 2008, a certain botulinum toxin type A product appeared on the market and gained huge recognition instantly – Bocouture, made by the well-known and world-renowned brand Merz Pharma Group. Since it comes with a slightly modified formulation which promises more durable results and excludes any possibility of allergic reactions, this new product became one of the most popular aesthetic medicine anti-aging solutions. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a product that acts like a regular Botox but lasts longer and comes with a purified formulation which is gentle on your skin, Bocouture 50 UI might be the solution you are looking for. In the following text, we will provide you with all the information you need to know before deciding to have a treatment with Bocouture, so we suggest you stay with us and arm yourself with some valuable and useful knowledge. 

What’s In the Bocouture 50 UI?

The first thing to understand about Botulinum Toxin is that it represents a mixture of neurotoxin and bacterial complexing proteins which are primarily responsible for blocking the signal between the nerve and the muscle causing it to calm the contractions. This is how the moderate and deep lines and wrinkles appear smoother instantly, and the skin gets that glow and revitalization you were hoping to achieve. Besides Botulinum Toxin A, Bocouture contains Human albumin and Sucrose. 

The Advanced Formulation That Prolongs the Effect

One of the prime reasons why Bocouture is more durable and safer to use than the other products that contain Botulinum Toxin type A is its purified formulation. We mentioned that these products contain both neurotoxins and complexing proteins, and if the number of the given proteins is too high which is usually the case, the effect will last considerably shorter.


Now, the Boucture comes with zero complexing proteins which are removed by the extensive purification process and pure 150kD neurotoxin. This trait gives it the title of the purest and most durable product of this sort on the market.

Since the prominent level of bacteria proteins promote an immune reaction which causes a loss of effect and minimizes the durability of the injected substance, Bocouture doesn’t act the same way, even in higher doses. This makes it ideal for those who wish to repeat the treatment as soon as the results begin to wear off since the results will be as good and satisfying as the previous ones. 

Depending on the patient’s skin condition, age and lifestyle, the effect will last from 3 to 4 months. It is completely safe to repeat the treatment after this period, but make sure to notify the doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a skin infection, or have some disorder of muscular activity. 

Multiple Treatment Options

The primary purpose of Bocouture was to treat blepharospasm and cervical dystonia, and from 2010 it became widely used for aesthetic corrections as well. It successfully treats persistent moderate to severe glabellar frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines for patients below 65 years. Also, mimic wrinkles around the lips or so-called smile wrinkles and marionette lines which can be extremely difficult to get rid of can be eliminated with Bocouture. 

Besides improving the skin’s appearance and quality, this product will help the patients feel better about themselves and boost their confidence with its effect. It is incredible how much we can help ourselves by rejuvenating the skin and regaining its past glow and vibrant look. 

The Treatments Are Non-Invasive and Easy

You could expect that the Bocouture treatment might be slightly complicated since it has a potent effect, yet the truth is quite the opposite.

The first thing you should do is find an experienced practitioner who already performed these treatments and knows the protocol in detail. The rest is really simple since the treatment usually lasts around 15 minutes and it comes with minimum downtime since you can go back to your daily activities as soon as you leave the doctor’s office. In case your pain tolerance is low, or you simply want to eliminate any discomfort during the treatment, the numbing crème can be applied to the injected site prior to the procedure. 

Bocouture Is Safe and the Treatment Comes with Mild Side-Effects

Thanks to its purified structure, Bocouture is one of the safest botulinum toxin type A products on the market. Therefore, even the patients who suffer from certain moderate or severe allergies respond well to the treatment. Still, make sure to be specific about the conditions you have when getting professional advice from your doctor. 

The common side effects include bruising and swelling, and in some cases, headaches, low energy levels, or nausea could occur. However, the symptoms will diminish in not after 48 hours which is also when you’ll be able to see the first genuine results that you got from the treatment. 

Where Can I Buy Bocouture 50 UI and What’s The Cost? 

Now that you are familiar with how Bocouture works, you could normally think that it is considered a luxury aesthetic medicine product. Still, itis one of the most affordable botulinum toxin type A products on the market which is simply great news. 

Depending on the severity of your skin’s condition, your doctor will determine how many units you’ll need per treatment. Still, even the most serious facial depressions don’t require over 20 UI to be effectively eliminated, so with the packaging of 50 UI, you can certainly improve your skin’s appearance on multiple levels. 

You can buy your original Bocouture today at our certified Pexup Pharma online store and have it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. We guarantee the product’s authenticity, offer the best deals and have been supplying both practitioners and patients with superb products for years now, so you can rest assured that we are the right choice.