Benefits of Restylane SB Vital

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Made by the world-renowned Galderma, Restylane dermal fillers are one of the most popular in the market right now, and one of the main reasons for that is their effective yet gentle formulation that fits all. They are safe and easy to use and promise a durable effect that will improve your skin’s appearance and make you feel at your best. 

With each new edition, Restylane manages to produce a highly efficient filler that targets and treats the specific area leaving the users satisfied and rejuvenated. With their new Restylane SB Vital, they succeeded once again, and if you are looking for a mild dermal filler which will return the glow to your skin and repair damage, you should consider trying this one. 

In the following text, we will provide you with a detailed review of the new Restylane Vital, and if you are interested to learn more about it from the experts, stay with us. Nowadays, when the market is overflowing with all kinds of aesthetic products, it is our duty to present you with the products that truly deserve the attention, and this is precisely what we will do in the next lines. 

Gentle and Hypo-Allergenic HA Formulation

As people are getting more and more conscious of what they put in their bodies, it is crucial to be familiar with the given dermal filler’s ingredients and be sure any sort of bad reaction will be excluded. 

When it comes to new Restylane, it contains non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) which makes it completely safe even for those who have certain food allergies. The smooth gel is made of the HA generated by a Streptococcus species of bacteria, yet it is produced biotechnologically by natural fermentation in a sterile lab environment. Therefore, Restylane doesn’t require any skin or allergy test before the treatment which makes it one of the safest HA dermal fillers on the market nowadays. 

Restylane SB Vital Is FDA-Approved

Restylane went through prolonged and extensive clinical trials which proved its safety and efficiency in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds treatment. When compared to cross-linked collagen and HA, it showed better results when it comes to durability and overall effect. 

Easy Application and Pain-Free Treatment

Thanks to its smooth formulation which doesn’t contain any particles, this dermal filler is easily injectable into the mid-to-deep dermis and therefore, evenly distributed. 

This makes it easy to work with which both cosmetologists and patients appreciate, but to add more comfort during the treatment, Restylane comes with Lidocaine – a powerful anesthetic which acts immediately and eliminates the possibility of experiencing pain. 

It Successfully Treats Multiple Body Regions

Since it is primarily designed to treat sun-damaged regions susceptible to photo-aging, Restylane SB Vital can be used for facial, hands, lips, and decolletage areas. This is what makes it truly unique, as there are only a few similar products that have multi-purpose usage like this one. 

Photodamaged skin of the chest and face is characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and atrophy which worsens as we age, and this particular dermal filler is a powerful tool for the given skin conditions’ reduction or elimination. Of course, it all depends on the patient’s age, genetics and lifestyle, but it is noted that the first results appear after a single treatment. 

Prolonged Mature Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration 

Dermal fillers that have HA as the main ingredient are primarily used for skin rehydration thanks to the HA's ability to gather and bind water molecules. Skin tends to lose HA over the years and due to prolonged sun exposure, so by supplying it with the substance that it needs the most, Restylane leaves our skin well-hydrated and rejuvenated almost instantly. 

Over time, HA stimulates collagen production which ensures elasticity, firmness, and volume to the skin, and the best thing is that HA gets naturally absorbed by our body since it is already found in it in the first place. 

This is how you’ll end up with beautiful, radiant skin without undergoing aggressive cosmetic procedures, and since Restylane Vital comes with 12mg of HA, that’s more than enough to keep your skin moisturized for up to 9 months. 

Saving Money on the Costly Cosmetic Products

Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, anti-aging products can be quite costly. By using Restylane, you’ll supply your skin with the necessary substances that will keep it moisturized for long, so you can save a lot of money on expensive lotions and facial creams. 

After-Treatment Care Is Simple and The Side-Effects Mild

The procedure with Restylane dermal fillers usually lasts around 15 minutes, so you can fit it in on a lunch break and go back to work without any trouble. It is crucial to let the certified professional take care of the treatment for optimal results. If you have some severe allergies including those to gram-positive bacterial proteins, you must advise the practitioner about it. The same rule applies in case you have a certain bleeding disorder. For patients who don’t have given conditions, Restylane is safe to use.

The most common side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, and tenderness, but they are completely normal and usually diminish after a few days. You can use cold compresses to reduce swelling and avoid touching the treated area. Also, it is advisable to avoid sun and heat exposure for a couple of days, and stop taking aspirin, vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory medications for a week as they can increase bleeding or bruising. In case the side effects last over 14 days, you should turn to your doctor. 

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