Benefits of Juvéderm Volift

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Juvéderm is a world-renowned dermal filler made by Allergan Aesthetics that never stops to amaze us with their superb-quality products. Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid which is the main ingredient, Juvéderm dermal fillers are hypoallergenic and mild yet extremely effective and durable. 


Their latest Volift series come with the advanced Vycross technology alongside the HA which ensures the patient an ultra-lifting effect that occurs almost instantly thanks to the special cross-linking of high and low-weight HA in the formulation. This unique technology also contributes to post-procedural swelling and bruising reduction making Juvéderm Volift ideal for patients who have sensitive skin as well. 


Juvéderm Volift is one of the most popular dermal fillers in the market right now, so you can rest assured that this product can do miracles if you give it a chance. Still, we are more than ready to back up our bold claims by providing you with solid facts about this dermal filler, so if you wish to learn more, we suggest you stay with us. In case you want to purchase your original Juvéderm Volift right away, you can do so at our certified Pexup online store with just a few steps. We guarantee the product’s authenticity and rapid and accurate delivery. 


Juvéderm Volift Can Solve Multiple Cosmetic Issues


We are, unfortunately, familiar with the fact that the skin loses its elasticity and firmness over time causing the wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Besides these most common marks that time inevitably leaves on our face, nasolabial folds and marionette lines are a bit more difficult to eliminate as they are usually deeper and more persistent. 


Still, Juvéderm Volift proved its efficiency in fighting against them, but that is not all. It successfully reduces crow’s feet and frown lines, but also smooths the fine lines around the mouth and adds volume to the lips and cheekbones. In other words, there isn’t a facial area that Juvéderm can’t treat, and this is the precise reason why millions of people around the U.S. have selected this dermal filler as their primary anti-aging solution.


Durability and Predictable Results 


Juvéderm Volift is one of the most durable dermal fillers in the market as it can last up to a whole year. Also, it is safe to repeat the treatment once you notice that the results are beginning to diminish. Thanks to its cohesive and stable structure, the HA particles connect with the skin layers easily and tightly which ensures long-term results. The filler comes in the gel form which has an elastic consistency that fills the targeted area exclusively and never migrates to the surrounding area. 


The cosmetologists adore working with Juvéderm as it is easy to inject and model, so the overall procedure is fast and relatively pain-free. Still, the new Volift series come with Lidocaine which is a mild anesthetic that eliminates any possibility of pain, so you can rest assured that there will not be any discomfort during the treatment. 


Hypoallergenic Properties


As it comes with non-animal HA, which is fully biocompatible with our body, there is no need to test Volift in advance to check if an allergic reaction might occur. It is completely safe to use, even in combination with other related products or remedies. There aren't any serious complications reported when it comes to Volift usage, still, it is advisable to talk to your doctor if you have some specific medical problem, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Volift Comes with A High HA Concentration


Dermal fillers that have a higher concentration of HA ensure the skin gets more volume, firmness, and viscosity, and promise more durability when compared to those that come with a lower concentration of HA. As only cross-linked HA contributes to dermal filler’s durability and Volift has it in its formulation, this is the precise reason why you’ll be satisfied with the results. 


The HA concentration in Volift is 17.5mg/ml which will make it last from 6-12 months depending on the patient’s skin condition, age, and other factors. 


Preparing for Juvéderm Treatment is Simple


Since the treatment is completely non-invasive, it is not necessary to take some serious preparations for it into account. After all, most of the treatments with Volift are performed on the same day of consultation. Still, it is recommended to avoid medications like aspirin, Motrin, or ibuprofen a few days after and before the procedure and the same rule applies for alcohol and tobacco smoking. 


Even though the swelling, bruising, and other similar post-treatment effects are minimized with Volift, it is noted that drinking a few glasses of Pineapple juice for three days before the treatment will do wonders and eliminate the possibility of excessive swelling. You can’t lose anything if you give it a try, and it is undoubtedly delicious and healthy!


Not Content with the Treatment? Don’t Worry About a Thing!


Even though Volift is easy to apply and model thanks to its great cohesive properties, it might happen that you are not fully satisfied with the results. So, is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is! In case the results are not what you’ve expected, you don’t need to be desperate as the fillers can be taken out with the help of a reversal agent. You can ask your doctor about how it all works and if he or she is adequately trained to perform it, but you should know that this possibility exists which will give peace of mind to many of those who worry whether the outcome will be satisfying. 




If you’ve read the article carefully, there is a great chance that you are ready to give Juvéderm Volift a try. After all, it is easy to conclude that Volift is beneficial on so many different levels for our skin, and the best thing is that it is completely safe to use and its treatment pain-free and among the most comfortable ones. 

We at Pexup offer original Juvéderm Volift as well as many other quality dermal fillers, so you can place your order today and have it delivered in the shortest time possible. In case you have further questions about the product or anything else, feel free to give us a call as we will gladly provide the information you require.