Belotero vs. Juvederm – Lip Fillers Guide

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Lip fillers have stepped into the world of aesthetic products a while back, and as we can see, they are not planning to go anywhere, anytime soon. So many people across the globe use them all the time to make noticeable yet very natural changes, and the majority of them are very pleased with the gained results.

There are a lot of very popular lip fillers you can use, and many companies are constantly improving their technologies in order to stand out from the competition. The two dermal filler families that never fail to surprise us with some mind-blowing products are Belotero and Juvederm.

Their products do wonders, so in case you are considering trying lip fillers, you can not go wrong if you choose some of the ones we are going to present to you today. If you wish to learn more about them before making a final decision on which one you want to go ahead and buy, stay with us. Like always, our goal is to provide you with all the needed knowledge, so once you finally say ‘YES’ to the treatment, you can do that completely relaxed knowing that you have done your research.

The Evolution of Lip Fillers-How Can They Help Me Improve My Look?


Sadly, as years are passing by, our facial features are going through some changes, and every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, we are thinking about ways to reverse them.

As we are getting older, and because of the light damage, or different genetic factors as well, our lips are declining in volume and their shape is not the same as it used to be. But, thanks to lip fillers, we can improve the appearance of our lips, and be more satisfied with the way they look.

But why are lip fillers so effective and how do they work? Well, as usual, we have all the answers you want. First and foremost, we have to say that the majority of fillers, at least those we are about to recommend you, are made from hyaluronic acid, which makes them a lot safer than some previous versions that people had a tendency to use. HA is a normal component of our bodies, and that is why, once being injected, it won't cause any allergic reaction. Pretty great, right?

Upon injection, HA will fill your lips, but at the same time, it will attract the natural stores of water and moisture from your body. All of that will result in a plumper and juicier look.

If you wish to correct any asymmetries you may have, lip fillers are a great solution. You can also create a cupid's bow, and completely change the way your lips look. This is how your lip will appear more youthful, and which is very important with this type of filler is very difficult to go overboard, so you can count on some supernatural results.


Juvederm Volift With Lidocaine – An Amazing Product Proven to Provide Some Stunning Results


With great certainty, we can say that each product from the Juvederm family, made by a prestigious pharmaceutical company Allergan is something special. When it comes to Volift with lidocaine, it is an impeccable anti-aging product, and it is always a good idea to have it by your side.

It is one of the best dermal fillers ever made, and it is developed using innovative VYCROSS technology. It makes fillers longer-lasting, easier to inject, biodegradable, and reversible. But that is not all. Juvederm’s VYCROSS technology is using BDDE, a magical compound that will cross-link HA, which will prevent the body from breaking the filler down very quickly. That is why this Juvederm Volift can last between 6 and 12 months, which is pretty impressive. Of course, if you are satisfied with the results and you want to repeat the procedure, you can do that once the effects start to diminish.

Because lidocaine is included in the formula, you can expect a completely pain-free procedure. Lidocaine is a mild anesthetic, so rest assured you will feel absolutely comfortable during the treatment.

Besides correcting your lips, Juvederm Volift can be used to reshape facial contours, and deep skin depressions, or to soften the laugh liner of nasolabial folds. The results will be visible straight away, but because it takes time for the product to settle in, you will see the best effects after two weeks.


Belotero – A Wide Range of Supreme Products at Your Disposal 


For years, Belotero has been used and loved by so many patients because it is known that it provides some stunning results. These are also HA-based products, and these fillers are going to be evenly distributed throughout the lips and around the mouth. That will eventually result in making your lips plumper and extra moisturized.

Belotero dermal fillers will cause no allergies, and over time, they will be naturally absorbed by your body. They are injected into the lips using fine needles, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any discomfort during the treatment. The effect will be visible instantly, and we are sure you will be in love with the natural results you will get.

Belotero Lips Shape is just one option you can take into consideration. It is perfect for enhancing the lower and upper lip. Also, we have to mention Belotero Lips Contour, made for lip contour correction. Besides these two, you can explore New Belotero Balance, Belotero Soft Gel, and Belotero Intense Gel.

Of course, to receive the safest procedure, and avoid any potential risk, make sure to get in touch with a certified professional to perform the procedure.


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