Belotero Intense Gel Review

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Belotero fillers are one of the most popular aesthetic products in the market nowadays, and there are numerous reasons for that. Besides the fact that they are safe to use and easy to apply which is the good news for both doctors and patients, their advanced formulation maximizes their effect and prolongs it for a significant period. 

One of their latest editions is the mighty Belotero Intense Gel which has a wide application and contains an incredible 25.5 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid which is the prime reason for its durability. Still, the primal fact which makes this filler stand out from the crowd is its progressive formula which makes it fully compatible with our body and improves its cohesive properties. 

If you are willing to try a dermal filler which can target multiple facial areas at the same time and keep your skin well-hydrated for up to a whole year, then you will probably be interested to read an expert’s review on Belotero intense Gel that we prepared for you. In case you are ready to try it, you can purchase it now at our Pexup Pharm online store, and have it delivered to your address in the shortest time possible. 

Belotero Intense Gel Ingredients 

Getting familiar with the ingredients of the dermal filler you are about to use is crucial, yet with Belotero, the list is short and transparent. Its main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is a biodegradable substance naturally occurring in our bodies. This is what makes Belotero safe and convenient to use since there is no need for allergy testing prior to the treatment. Besides HA, Belotero contains 1ml of Phosphate buffer pH 7 which maintains the dermal filler’s pH level at 7 always. 

How Does the Belotero Work?

There are multiple premium-quality dermal fillers on the market nowadays and they all promise and deliver durable and satisfying effects. In this over-competitive environment, the manufacturers must include innovative solutions which will put the spotlight on their product and attract the desired attention. 

Belotero surely made the right move by incorporating their all-new Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology in the manufacturing process since this is one of the prime reasons why their Intense edition is so popular. Besides making it fully compatible with the body and entirely safe to use even for patients with sensitive skin, this technology is responsible for keeping the filler’s content in the injected area. This is how the bothersome granulomas formation is effectively stopped which is a big relief for those who worry about the treatment and its side effects. 

Its gel-like smooth structure makes it ideal to work with since the substance gets distributed over the area evenly and easily. Since Belotero Intense is made to target and smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles and lines, it gets injected into the deeper layers of the skin dermis. Thanks to the aforementioned technology, the substance gets integrated with the tissue instantly where HA begins to hydrate the given area by collecting and retaining the water from the surroundings. 

Which Areas Can Belotero Intense Treat Effectively? 

Belotero’s powerful formula and high level of HA make it adequate for improving multiple areas of the face. Besides treating fine lines and wrinkles like nasolabial furrows, crow’s feet, or persistent and deep forehead lines, this filler proved great efficiency in treating facial depressions thanks to its instant volumizing effect. You can modify the contours of the face and lips, and also use it for lip augmentation. For patients who wish to smooth up or eliminate deep marionette lines and nasolabial folds, Belotero intense is definitely one of the best solutions on the market. 

Therefore, you can use Belotero to treat any area of the face, including the cheeks and overly delicate ones around the eyes. 

Is Belotero FDA Approved and What to Expect After the Treatment?

Before you decide to have a treatment with any aesthetic medicine product, make sure to select a qualified professional who will answer all your questions and perform the procedure following well-established instructions. 

Now, the answer to the question of whether the Beloter is FDA approved is yes. Back in 2011, Belotero qualified as safe to use by the FDA, yet it is still important that you advise the practitioner if you have some severe allergies and avoid any inconveniences. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18, or have a history of Gram-positive proteins, it is advised not to use any dermal filler including Belotero. 

It is noted that the results like lifting and volume enhancement are visible immediately after the treatment, but you’ll be able to see the real picture after a few days when the potential side effects diminish. Common side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, or itching, and they usually disappear after a couple of days. In case they are persistent, advise your doctor about it. 

Depending on the treatment, it can last from 15 minutes to an hour, and since this edition doesn’t come with Lidocaine, your doctor can apply a numbing agent and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Still, the treatment is considered painless by the majority of the patients. 

For How Long Will the Effect Last?

Depending on the patient’s age, metabolism, and overall skin condition, Belotero can last from 9-to 12 months which makes it one of the most durable dermal fillers nowadays. 

If you are looking for a powerful yet gentle dermal filler which will rejuvenate your skin by supplying it with the HA molecules for an extensive period, you should try out Belotero Intense Gel. 

One of the first things to have in mind is that you need to make sure to purchase it at the certified shops only. Our Pexup Pharm certainly counts as one, and besides guaranteeing the product’s authenticity, we offer the best deals and fast delivery to your address. In case you have some additional questions for us, feel free to write us a message and we will make sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible.