Azzalure 125U - Product Characteristics

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Botulinum toxin type A products are injectable biological medications, used in cosmetic applications. Thanks to them, you can achieve amazing facial changes, and in recent years more and more people are willing to try this product.

One of the best botulinum type A products on the market is for sure Azzalure 125U, created by a famous pharmaceutical company, Galderma. It has shown incredible results because it has one of the best formulas.

So, in case you are searching for an anti-wrinkle product that can do wonders, look no further because Azzalure is just what you need. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about this product, and why we believe that it is one of the best ones you can buy.

What Makes Azzalure 125U So Good?

Initially, Azzalure was created as a muscle relaxant, and its impact on the nervous system is still considerable. The product has gone through all clinical trials, which proved it to be safe and 100% effective. Since than, Azzalure has found a new purpose in the cosmetic industry, and today we are going to discuss that use a bit closer.

Botulinum type A products, just like Azzalure 125U, are using for their magical formulation neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, which can be found in soil and water. Because of the toxin safety, it is commonly used for the reduction of facial wrinkles, especially for those most visible ones in the uppermost third of our faces.

But how does this product work? Well, once injected into a certain area of your face, the muscle under your wrinkles will relax, causing your face to look smoother, and because of that, younger as well. It is believed that in comparison to some other similar products, with Azzalure you will notice results faster, and that is for sure one of its biggest benefits.

How Long Can The Results Last and Where Can Azzalure 125U be Applied?

Just like with every other botulinum toxin type A product, the results that this aesthetic product provides are temporary, and the changes in your appearance can be moderate to severe. In the majority of cases, the effect of injections will last between 4 and 5 months. Of course, if you have liked your new look, and you are sure that this product is just what you need, after that, you can go ahead, repeat the treatment, and maintain the results.

This is a perfect choice for adults who are under 65 years old and are looking forward to making some slight changes to their faces. Thanks to Azzalure, you will be able to correct glabellar lines, the vertical frown lines that are found between our eyebrows, as well as lateral canthal lines, known as crow’s feet lines.

Of course, before deciding on any type of treatment, make sure to talk to your physician, and see whether this is something that you should or shouldn’t do. After that, it is crucial to find an experienced professional who will take you through the procedure. Therefore, if you want to reverse an aging process, and you are searching for a perfect Azzalure botox to buy, go ahead, and give this product a chance. Once it is injected properly, it will give you some stunning results you will adore.

The product is going to be injected into the muscles of your facial expressions because they are attached to the soft tissue, unlike fillers that are injected underneath the lines in order to push them up. Azzalure will simply stop the movement of our lines that will eventually diminish. So, if you want those annoying forehead lines gone, this is just what you need. But also, bear in mind that this type of product won't help with hydration, so it won't improve the dryness of your skin.

Yet, one thing is for sure. Without the wrinkles, you will for sure look younger, feel good, and fresh.

The Great Aftercare for the Best Results 

During the procedure, the product is injected with tiny needles, so the treatment should be almost completely pain-free and it usually lasts only between 10 and 15 minutes. The first results will be visible after 3 days, once the product starts to settle in.

It is important to mention that after the treatment is finished you may experience some slight side effects. The most common ones are redness, bruising, slight dizziness, blurry vision, and headache that can be caused by a muscle spasm or muscle tension.

In order to minimize side effects and maintain the best results for as long as possible, pay close attention to all advice about what you should do before and after the treatment. It is advised to avoid exercising for a day prior to the procedure and try not to be involved in any head-tilting activity. After the procedure, you shouldn't wear a helmet or any type of headband for 4 days. So, make sure to follow all the rules, and avoid any potential problems that may occur.

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