Advantages Of Bocouture Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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Made by reputable and world-renowned Merz Pharma, Bocouture is a widely used Botulinum toxin type A product that has proved its efficiency and durability thanks to the advanced and unique formulation. 

Thanks to the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria which can block the signals between the nerve and its muscle and successfully relax it and calm its contractions, it is effectively used for wrinkles and fine lines treatment providing instant and satisfying results. Still, its purpose goes far beyond the aforementioned cosmetic one as Bocouture has proved its efficiency in chronic migraine, Cervical dystonia, muscle spasm, and other similar conditions treatment. 

However, it is primarily used as an effective anti-wrinkle solution, and if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Bocouture Merz treatments, stay with us and get useful first-hand information. 

Bocouture Treatment Effect Lasts Longer

Even though it comes with the same effects as other similar products, Bocouture’s complexing proteins have been eliminated by the purification process which resulted in unique formulation production that contains pure 150kD neurotoxin and zero complex proteins. 

Since these proteins are responsible for stimulating the immune system at the injections site and significantly reducing the durability of the effect, this means that Bocouture will last longer thanks to its enhanced formula. 

When used repeatedly, Bocouture promises the same effects without the risk of complex proteins inducing the formation of neutralizing antibodies which is the case with other similar products that contain higher levels of the proteins.

It Successfully Treats All Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Bocouture can effectively reduce or eliminate all the facial wrinkles thanks to its potent formula which makes it a perfect all-in-one anti-wrinkle solution. Whether you wish to treat the vertical forehead, glabellar, marionette lines, or smile wrinkles, Bocouture can certainly help. It is also one of the most efficient products for deep crow’s feet treatment.


The Treatment Is Rapid and Product Easy to Apply

Bocouture treatment lasts not more than 15 minutes, so you can fit it into your lunch break and go back to your daily activities without any problems. 

The patient may experience minimal discomfort while the injection penetrates the skin, but in general, Bocouture treatments are pain-free. Still, it is crucial to turn to a trained practitioner who will first provide the necessary skin condition assessment and provide professional advice on whether the Bocouture Merz is the adequate solution for you. 

The Results Are Immediate

As soon as Bocouture is injected into the skin, it binds to a nerve and then enters the cell. If the patient has more binding sites on the nerves, the results will appear almost instantly. In most cases, the effect is visible somewhere between 1 and 3 days, while the full effectiveness of Bocouture will be visible after a week. It all depends on the overall skin condition, age and other distinctive factors. 

Safe Procedure

After your doctor confirms that you are an adequate candidate for the Bocouture procedure, the possibility of having some major side effects is close to none. Still, common side effects include redness on the injection side, eye irritation, low energy or headache but they will diminish after a day or two. 

Considering the high effectiveness of Bocouture which can be easily compared to some invasive surgical procedures, its treatment is safe and non-intrusive. 

Still, keep in mind that there are certain things you must be aware of when planning a Bocouture treatment. If you have allergic reactions to the product’s ingredients, or you have a skin infection or generalized disorder of muscles activity it is advised to avoid using Bocouture. The same rule applies if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Longer-Lasting Results

Even though Bocouture treatment is not permanent, the effects can last from 3-4 months and can be repeated as soon as the effect is beginning to diminish. As we mentioned, Bocouture treatments promise the same results no matter how many procedures you’ve had which makes it one of the most reliable Botulinum Toxin type A products on the market. 

Makes You Feel and Look Better

Besides the fact that the treatment will make your skin look radiant, younger, and more beautiful, it will make you feel at your best by boosting your confidence. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-friendly, effectual, and non-invasive anti-wrinkle solution, you should definitely consider having Bocouture treatment. 

Bocouture Merz Is an Inexpensive Cosmetic Product

If we compare the price of luxury skincare products and surgical procedures that offer similar results as Bocouture, we can say with confidence that the given product is one of the most affordable on the market. 

Your doctor will determine the number of units you should have to get the best results, so you can always choose more or less to fit your needs and budget. Also, your skin condition will be and remain significantly improved for a certain period which means you can save some money on the expensive anti-aging products for the time. 

Aftercare Is Simple and Minimal

The main thing to avoid doing after the Bocouture Merz treatment is rubbing your face for at least 24 hours. This is how the substance will remain in the desired area without unnecessary spreading. Also, it is not recommended to exercise or have other strenuous activities for a few days after the treatment. 

Make sure to sleep on the side of the face which wasn’t treated with Bocouture, so sleeping on the back for a single night doesn’t seem so scary, right? In case you are experiencing some pain, you can always ask your doctor if Tylenol seems like the right solution to minimize the discomfort. 

Finally, it is advised to do some facial exercises, starting from the first day. Any natural facial expression like smiling or frowning will do the work. As you can see, there isn’t much you must do after the treatment as Bocouture will do all the work for you while you can rest and enjoy its rejuvenating effect!

You can safely purchase your original Bocouture at Pexup Pharm even today and have it delivered to your doorway in the shortest time possible. Feel free to send us a message anytime in case you require some additional information, and we will get back to you shortly after.